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Conservation Crisis Reviews and Features

We've had a few reviews of our Conservation Crisis board game and app, so this blog brings together some of the the links to see the different people and organisations that are enjoying the game.

Travel Africa

Travel Africa is a magazine focused on travel to Africa, and they featured our game on a list of products saving wildlife as well as an online review of the game: "Spending a fun afternoon in the sun, playing the new Conservation Crisis boardgame bought this week. Highly recommend it for anyone with an interest in or knowledge of conservation in Africa. Surprised how realistic it all is; the options for how you can spend your donor money, as well as the challenges and risks, are all highly relevant."

Games Keys Reviews

Games Keys is a review site, and they picked us out as an underrated board game that was worth playing, the whole list is worth checking out to find some other hidden gems here:


We still have all 5* reviews on Amazon, and we offer free Prime Delivery on all orders. One review from Valy shows the educational value fo the game: "I bought this game to teach children and others the value of wildlife. Great idea behind the game. Explaining in simple steps what conservationists have to do to same wildlife"


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