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Paul the Pelican Launches New Motivational Youtube Channel

Paul the Pelican is well-known among regular lake-visitors for his motivational speeches to birds and mammals alike.

Perhaps most famously of all he helped a hippo who had become afraid of the water have the courage to get back into the lake, saving his life in the process.

In an attempt to reach a wider audience, Paul is going online, with the launch of his new motivational Youtube channel, Peli-CAN!

Paul told us, “The new channel will be free for any animal to view to get inspiration for any goal they’re trying to achieve. I’ll be using the latest Birdology techniques to help anyone, anywhere, achieve anything they set their minds to.”

Paul the Pelican offering inspiration to other birds
Paul the Pelican

Paul’s first video is all about what it means to be a Pelican, and how important it is to understand your own species, including an inspirational pneumonic about what it means to be a Pelican:







Nothing can stop us!

The channel has already gained thousands of followers and hundreds of positive comments, such as Eley2009, who commented, “Thanks so much Paul, you’ve really helped me. I’m so motivated now, I’m training for this year’s world strongest elephant championships!”

We eagerly await Paul’s next video, which he’s said will be on the topic ‘Putting the CAN into Pelican: how positive affirmations can help you achieve your goals.’


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