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Our Story

It all started in the Democratic Republic of Congo, when our co-founder Dr Rich was helping protect gorillas with John Kahekwa (that’s him in the picture!), a great friend and gorilla conservation expert.

Despite living through years of armed conflict in a country with widespread poverty, John always remained positive, sharing his love for the gorillas and inspiring others to help keep them safe.

John’s positivity in the face of adversity rubbed off on Rich, and the idea for a fun conservation game was born. Unfortunately, at that time Rich knew nothing about board games, so the first attempt was a bit of a disaster!

But luckily he shared his problems with his great friend Ed, who had spent years playing and designing games, who helped rescue the idea. They worked together for two years designing and testing the game to get the perfect combination of fun and realism that makes Conservation Crisis so great.


Then they created a company, Tunza Games, to fulfil their mission to create great games for a great cause and help make it as fun and easy as possible for people to save their favourite wildlife. 


Tunza means ‘we care’ in Swahili, and every game we sell includes a donation to help John and other conservationists like him keep our beloved wildlife safe around the globe.

Meet Our Co-Founders

Ed Tunza Games.jpg


During the day he earns his rent money working as a structural engineer and project manager in the offshore wind energy sector. After dark, he enjoys miniature wargames and euro style board games. When time allows he likes to get out of the city and enjoy nature up close, hiking across hills and mountains. He is very glad Rich can't sing...

Rich Tunza Games.jpg


Dr Rich is a conservation expert with a PhD from King's College London and an MBE for his work countering the illegal wildlife trade.  He loves wildlife, cricket and all sorts of card and board games, and being outdoors in the UK or on safari in Africa. The Skeleton Coast is high on his list of places to visit next. He wishes he could sing, so he could record his own version of The Lion King.

Our Partner Charities

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We donate a share of revenue from every purchase of our board game and app to our partner charities.

Click on the logos above to find out more about their valuable work to protect wildlife.

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