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You're about to become a Conservation Hero and #playtosave wildlife!

You can buy our board game direct from us or you can go via Amazon for free Prime delivery.

The Wildlife Conservation Board Game

  • Take control of a wildlife reserve in crisis and save an endangered species!​

  • Designed and tested by conservation experts to create a game that is both fun to play and educational - awarded the King's UnLtd Award for Social Enterprise.

  • Suitable for anyone aged 7+ and a great game for families and anyone interested in wildlife.


  • For 2-4 players, game time around one hour.

Inspired by Earthshot Prize Finalist John Kahekwa

Our Co-Founder Dr Richard Milburn MBE has spent the last ten years working with Earthshot Prize Finalist John Kahekwa and the Pole Pole Foundation, learning their world-leading approach to conservation and the challenges they face.

Tunza Games was founded to raise funds and awareness about the work of John and others by creating fun and educational games to get as many people involved in conservation as possible.

Our games are now used in classrooms and enjoyed by friends and families all over the world, with every single game raising vital funds to help protect wildlife.

Find out more below, get answers to our FAQS, or ask us any questions direct at

John Kahekwa Eartshot Photo.jpg

Image Credit: The Earthshot Prize

Can You Save an Endangered Species?

Choose one of four animals and move around the board to rebuild your reserve and keep wildlife safe.


Everything in the game is based on real-life conservation, so you learn as you play.


A great family board game for anyone aged 7+.


Game time is 60-90 minutes – there is a ‘Crisis Averted’ card in the deck which ends the game, so there’s no need to worry about playing for hours without finishing!

Conservation Crisis box and game on a wooden table.JPG

Play to Save Wildlife

Choose where to visit each turn and what to spend your money on to rebuild your reserve; you can support local communities, hire rangers to stop poaching, build tourist lodges to generate more revenue at HQ, or so much more, you decide what is most important and when!


Designed by our in-house conservation expert Dr Richard Milburn, who has spent the last decade working with award-winning conservationists around the world and teaching at King’s College London.


Conservation Crisis is used at conservation workshops around the world and in teaching in UK schools and universities, providing a great way to learn more about wildlife conservation and the challenges of saving endangered species.


We donate £2 from every sale to our partner charities, so every game helps protect wildlife around the globe.

Stop a Conservation Crisis

The game is so real, we even included Bribes! You have to stop at the poacher’s checkpoint and decide either to wait (which slows you down, so other players might gain the upper hand) or pay a ‘Bribe’ and take a Bribe Card (these tend to go badly, so think twice before taking one!)


Money in and Money Out – every time you get back around to HQ, you get extra money for each tourist lodge you have built and you pay for the staff you have hired.


Crisis by name, crisis in the game! Conservation is tough, so standby for a crisis in the game and make sure you put some emergency money aside in your Crisis Fund for when the inevitable happens!


Do I get free delivery and how long will it take to arrive?



We offer free delivery on our website, which takes 2-5 days with Royal Mail, or for superfast next day delivery you can visit our Amazon page.


We’re always on hand to help, so if delivery is a bit slow for any reason, please get in touch on and we’ll make sure it’s a cheetah bringing the game to you not a tortoise!


What if I want to return the game?

No problem, either follow the guidance on Amazon or just get in touch with us direct if you buy from our website and we’ll organise a refund for you.


(We don’t think you will want a refund as it’s a pretty awesome game, but rest assured we’ll refund you 100% if it’s not what you wanted!)

What age is the game suitable for?

Anyone aged 7+ if you’re playing with family (7- or 8-year-olds may need a little help to understand the game, but feedback from parents is that they love it).


Adults and teenagers will also enjoy the game because it’s designed to be great fun for all ages – easy to play for younger kids but also very realistic and engaging for adults as well.

Space to roam rhino wood table.JPG

Are the App and the Board Game the same?

They are similar, but not exactly the same. The board game is multiplayer but the app is single-player – there is also an extra card deck in the app and some slightly different cards in the other three decks.


If you play one and enjoy it, you’re sure to enjoy the other – the app is also a great way to get familiar with the rules for the board game while you wait for it to arrive in the post!

How long does the game to take to play and does it go on forever?

60-90 minutes, and no it doesn’t go on for ever, don’t worry!


There is a deck of Event Cards in the game, you take one each time you go through HQ until the ‘Crisis Averted’ card comes up and the game ends.


We put that card in specifically to make sure the game wouldn’t go on for ever!

John Kahekwa with two gorillas.jpg

You say the game is designed by experts, how realistic is it?

So realistic Dr Rich uses it as an educational tool in conservation workshops, on a Master’s course at King’s College London and in schools.


Everything in the game has happened in real life and will happen again, it’s all based on the most cutting-edge research and experience of the world’s best conservationists.


We’ve tested it with people working in conservation, who agree it is true to life, and we even have an Event Card which says revenue from tourism drops for a round due to a disease outbreak – this just happened with Covid, so if we can predict that, we think it’s a pretty realistic game!

Who is Tunza the elephant?

Tunza is our company mascot!


Tunza means ‘we care’ in Swhaili, Tunza the elephant is our mascot, taking a few trips around London and popping up in pictures to help us market the game (our version of gorilla marketing, which we call elephant marketing!)

Tunza the Elephant with Elephant Painting.jpg
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