The Challenge

Take control of a wildlife reserve in crisis and save an endangered species!

You have $100,000 of funding per round and have to choose which projects to build and staff to hire to rebuild your reserve and keep your wildlife safe.

The more you play, the more of a conservation expert you will become...

The 3 Key Rules

1) Spend all your donor funding each round to receive more – just like in real life, you need to spend it all to get more.

2) Keep  an emergency Crisis Fund for unforeseen costs and losses of revenue - but only up to a max. of $100,000.


3) There is a checkpoint run by the poachers - choose to wait two turns or pay them a ‘bribe’ to go straight through (but remember; bribes have consequences, as you'll see if you pay one!)


You have to manage your funds so that you can build as many projects and hire as many staff as possible, while also having money in your Crisis Fund for emergencies that happen through the game.

Every project and member of staff provides benefits throughout the game to keep your wildlife safe and help their population grow.

(Hint: emergencies will happen in the game, so don't get caught short with an empty Crisis Fund!)

Real-Life Conservation

PSSSST! Bribes are as Bad as a Bored Baboon Banging a Bin Bellicosely (if you’ve ever heard that happen, you’ll know how bad it is!)


That’s why we have the following statement about them:

Within the game there is the option to pay a ‘Bribe’ and take a bribe card. This mechanic exists in the game to address an important topic and educate players about the dangers and harms caused by corruption. It does NOT condone or encourage the payment of bribes in real life. Please note that Tunza Games Ltd and all of the charities we support take a zero tolerance approach to bribery and are totally AGAINST the payment or receipt of bribes in any form.


Corruption and bribery are criminal offences under current UK legislation. In accordance with the current provisions of the Bribery Act 2010 It is illegal to offer, promise, give, request, agree receive or accept bribes. It is also illegal to give, promise to give, or offer a gift or hospitality with the expectation or hope that a business advantage will be received or to reward a business advantage already given. All businesses should be conducted in an honest and ethical manner and should be committed to act professionally, fairly and with integrity in all relationships and dealings. All businesses should implement and enforce effective systems to counter bribery. Bribery and corruption are punishable for individuals by up to ten years' imprisonment and an unlimited fine. It is also now an offence for an organisation to fail to prevent bribery. There are a whole raft of penalties and fines applicable to an organisation and its senior officers if found to have breached the provisions of the Bribery Act 2010.  

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