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Conservation and Corruption

This is the seventh post in our series on the top 10 wildlife conservation challenges and solutions, to provide some quick and easy to read background information to our game Conservation Crisis.

Challenge #7 – Corruption

Corruption undermines all conservation work and helps poachers get away with the illegal wildlife trade. Where people accept bribes to look the other way and allow illegal activities to happen, those doing the wrong thing are helped while those trying to do the right thing find it harder to carry out their work. The more corruption there is in a given location, the more attractive it is for gangs to carry out illegal activities as they know they will get away with it, so stamping out corruption is key to successful conservation.

Solution #7 – Avoiding Bribes

Avoiding paying bribes is the best way to stamp out corruption. It can be difficult if those in positions of power try to make it harder for people to do their work, but refusing to pay bribes is crucial. Paying a bribe may seem to help in the short-term by getting something done quicker, but it will always have negative long-term consequences.


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