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Our Top 5 Wildlife Films

Everyone loves a good film, so we've listed our top 5 wildlife movies in this post. Some are fairly standard choices, but number 2 might be a bit of a surprise. And don't worry, it's not all just Disney films!

5) Love in the Wild

A Netflix film, admittedly not the greatest storyline or acting, but no-one is watching the film for the people, they’re watching for the incredibly cute elephants!!! Set in an elephant orphanage (supported by one of our charity partners the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation), it’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face seeing both the little and large elephants and knowing they are all kept safe. Well done Netflix!

4) Zootropolis

If we’re being picky, this film isn’t technically about wildlife, it’s about animals living domesticated lives in their own version of modern human life, but it’s got loads of species in the film and the main song is a cracker by Shakira (which Rich listened to A LOT while doing his fieldwork in DR Congo!), so we had to put it on this list!

3) Free Willy 2

An absolute classic and must watch! We’ve chosen Free Willy 2 as the best of the trilogy as it sees the whales in the wild and pits the heroes against the evil oil companies. It’s always great to see nature come out on top! A lovely story, and timeless too.

2) Instinct

I’ve never met anyone else who has seen this film, which is a real shame as it’s a cracker. It tells the story or an American committed to a mental hospital and the work of a psychologist to get him to tell the story of what happened while he was working to protect the gorillas in Rwanda. Not as uplifting a film in some ways as the others on this list, but an interesting take on wildlife films and as Rich so loves gorillas, he wanted it high on our list!

1) The Lion King

It had to be!!! An absolute classic film, which not only defined the safari soundtrack for years to come, but which also created a major advancement in animation technologies. No other film so captures the joy of savannah life and has reached so many millions of people around the world! And now there is a choice of the classic version, or the remake.


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