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The Cookies that Save Lives

When most people think about cookies, they think about sugary biscuits (or the weird things that appear to be on every website but which no-one really understands!)

Neither is likely to save lives.

But another type of cookie created by one of our amazing partner charities the Pole Pole Foundation (POPOF) is saving lives!

Their cookies are made using spirulina, a highly nutritious algae that is a great way to stop malnutrition.

Many children in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where POPOF works with local communities to protect the critically endangered Grauer's Gorillas, suffer from malnutrition, so POPOF decided to help with the support of the Africa 20230 charity.

They have created spirulina ponds to grow the nutritious algae, which they then dry and use to make cookies that they distribute to malnourished children,

It's one of our favourite projects as it's such a great way not only to help kids, but also to keep gorillas safe - the biggest cause of bushmeat poaching is hunger in local communities, where people don't have jobs and struggle to feed their families, so by ending hunger, they help to end poaching, too.


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