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Top 10 TED Talks About Wildlife Conservation

TED talks are a great way to learn about a whole range of topics, including wildlife conservation, so we’ve listed out the top 10 TED talks we’ve seen about conservation. Click on any talk title and you'll be taken to the TED website so you can watch them all yourself!

10) Mary Ellen Hannibal, How you can help save the monarch butterfly — and the planet.

How citizen scientists can help save the monarch butterfly, a call to action for everyone to get involved, no need for a PhD!

9) Steve Boyes. How we're saving one of Earth's last wild places.

A TED fellow describes his efforts to save the Okavango Delta from development, making an impassioned call for the value of wilderness as fundamental to what it is to be human, and how their work will provide water security for millions of people downstream.

8) Moreangels Mbizah, How community-led conservation can save wildlife.

We love community conservation, so this is a great talk from a woman who studied the life of Cecil the Lion until he was shot, and asks if the result would have been different if the community were more involved in his protection. She shows why it is so important to involve local people in conservation and ensure those who live close to wildlife have the same chances to see them as those who fly in on safaris.

7) Noah Wilson-Rich, How you can help save the bees, one hive at a time

We love to see a positive spin on problems, and Noah delivers this with bees, focusing not on where they are struggling, but finding out where they are thriving and seeing how those conditions can be replicated to keep these hugely important pollinators safe and well so they can thrive.

6) John Kasaona, How poachers became caretakers

There are many examples of where former poachers have become wildlife protectors, it’s a great way to make conservation work, and this talk shares experiences from Namibia to provide a great, real-life example.

5) Rory Sutherland, Life lessons from an ad man

This talk is not directly about conservation, but it’s hugely useful for anyone interested in how to stop the Illegal Wildlife Trade, given the importance of communication and getting people to stop buying IWT products and start buying ethical alternatives – the Prussian potato example is a classic!

4) Victoria Gill, What a nun can teach a scientist about ecology

A great reminder of how important and hugely valuable and insightful local knowledge is. In everything from development to conservation, outsiders often think we have the answers because we’ve read lots of books, but the real knowledge is held locally, and we need to build trust and listen to find it.

3) Alex Gendler, Why elephants never forget

Elephants are amazing and this talk explains why – a must watch!

2) Richard Turere, My invention that made peace with lions

This is a classic example of a simple solution to keep predators away from livestock, which not only helps local communities and their livestock stay safe, but also stops lions being attacked by people trying to protect their livelihood.

1) Lucy King, How bees can keep the peace between elephants and humans

It had to be No.1! Rich came across this idea almost ten years ago and has been spreading the word ever since, so it’s fantastic Dr King has got the platform to share this idea with the world, it’s a great way to help both people and elephants. We want to get some of that honey for our porridge!

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