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Wildlife Habitat

This is the eighth post in our series on the top 10 wildlife conservation challenges and solutions, to provide some quick and easy to read background information to our game Conservation Crisis.

Challenge #8 – Habitat

For animals to thrive, their habitat needs to be well protected. They need enough space so that lots of herds, prides, and groups of animals can roam freely and maintain a diverse gene pool for breeding to ensure the health of future generations. They also need enough food and water to survive and thrive; predators need prey and prey need natural plants. If the habitat is well protected then animals will naturally be well-protected, too, and be able to breed safely to steadily increase their populations.

Solution #8 – Dig Watering Holes

Water is the number one priority for all animals, and for people, too. If animals do not have access to water, they cannot survive. Making sure that water is available to wildlife will ensure they are fit and healthy. Watering holes will always be busy with animals, offering the chance to monitor the wildlife to check they are healthy and their numbers are increasing. It is also a great site for tourism and publicity as people can see a host of species in one place.


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