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Sammy the Sloth: Other animals say I’m lazy, they don’t understand I was born to be slow

Sammy, such a good point. All of us species have our own different strengths and weaknesses, but these often get overlooked by animals form other habitats who don’t understand why we are the way we are.

I still get funny looks when I spin my head all the way round!

Agony Owl helps a Sloth

The key is education, Sammy; the animals that are saying you're lazy don’t understand the way you are built. For example, have you told them how many predators rely on spotting movement to catch prey? If they’re used to Lions and Leopards hunting on a grassy plain, they’ll think going slow is laziness, but if you show them why it’s so useful in a rainforest then they’ll understand and respect you.

When people call you names it’s usually just them trying to hide their own insecurities and worries, it’s go nothing to do with you, so always remember that; name callers are cowards, so it’s them that should be ashamed, not you.

So you carry on moving slow – after all, it’s not slow, it’s stealth!


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