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Wally the Giraffe Seeks Legal Permission to Change his Name

A giraffe is seeking legal permission to change his name after tiring of always being asked to play hide and seek.

The giraffe, named Wally, believes other animals only ask him to play because of his name. He told us, “Some zebra came across the Where’s Wally game after some human children dropped a book while on safari. A Where's Wally hide and seek game spread like fire, and since then I get asked to play every day, it’s exhausting!”

“Worse, I’m so tall, I’m no good at hide and seek. All an animal needs to do is look for a tree and that’s where I’ll be, it’s the only thing tall enough to hide me!

A picture of Wally the Giraffe standing tall above a herd of Zebra
Wally the Giraffe

”The Tribunal for Animal’s Labelling Lexicon (TALL), which adjudicates on all matters of animal naming, have accepted that Wally has a case to be made and are organising the date of the first hearing.

The lead judge on the tribunal, the Honourable Sir Harry Hornbill, suggested the case could prove a watershed moment for animals everywhere, “The giraffe in question was named by American human zoologists, who are unlikely to have been of its connotations. As such, this case offers the chance to set a precedent for any animal, wild or domestic, to change their name if they are unhappy with what humans have called them.”

If Wally wins the case, there is likely to be a deluge of other animals seeking to change their names. Social media is already abuzz with the hashtag #freewally, with animals from around the world tweeting their own horrific names and clamouring for the chance to change them.


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