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Warthogs Share Plea to Tourists: “please stop singing Hakuna Matata”

Warthogs have issued a plea to tourists to stop singing Hakuna Matata every time they spot them.

The song, which was made popular in the Disney film The Lion King, is much beloved of families on safari, who burst into song every time they see a warthog. While this may seem like a lovely gesture, for warthogs who hear the same lyrics hundreds of times a day, it has been getting a bit much.

Wallace, a warthog father of 5 piglets, told us, “I used to like the song, and would even sing it to my piglets to get them off to sleep. But now it makes my tusks itchy, I’ve heard it so many times. I can say, with absolute confidence, that Hakuna Matata is not a wonderful phrase if you are a warthog.”

Two Warthogs trying to avoid hearing the Hakuna Matata Song
Warthogs Avoiding Hearing Hakuna Matata

Wendy, a warthog mother of 3 piglets, agrees, “It’s just too much. I’m sure many parents will have had the sensation when their child wants to hear the same story or song over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over again, it’s very tiring. Imagine that, but times like a million, and you will see the situation we are in. Please, to all the mothers and fathers out there, please teach your kids another song!”

Some tourists have already changed their tune, singing the ‘lion sleeps tonight’ instead, however it seems this change may prove short-lived; lions, fearing they would become victims like the warthogs, have issued a statement saying they will eat anyone they hear singing that song.


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