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George the Grizzly Bear: I think I’m addicted to junk food, how can I stop raiding people’s bins?

George, you are not alone! So many animals and birds are writing to me with the same problem. As our habitats have been reduced and we live closer and closer to humans, their bad food habits are affecting us all.

While some animals will say you just need to improve your willpower, I don’t think willpower alone is very effective. It’s also super hard work, especially when the food tastes so good!

Agony Owl helps Grizzly Bear

It’s much easier to seek to physically put some distance between you and fast food. So go up into the mountains away from people so you can’t be tempted by anything in their bins in the first place. The longer you have away from temptation the easier it will be to change your habits.

As for regaining your love of salmon, spend some time in meditation each day, and remember the best salmon you ever caught, really focus on the emotions you associate with it so that your mouth starts watering.

Then get in the river and catch some! And when you do, be sure to roar loudly with joy; the release of bearendorphins will create a positive association in your mind between salmon and joy, helping you break the fast food cravings and regain your love of fish.


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