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Hyena Study Proves Laughter is the Best Medicine

The results of a decade-long study into the impacts of laughter on the health of predators have been released today, and the findings have left Hyenas smiling even wider than usual.

Data from the study has shown that predators who laugh and play more live longer, healthier lives, and males with the best sense of humour become dominant earlier in their lives and maintain that dominance for an average 14 months longer than more dour counterparts.

Two Hyenas, one facing forward, one facing backward

Helen the Hyena, PhD., told us, “This study has proven once and for all that we Hyenas were right all along, laughter is the best medicine! So many predators think they must be serious as the meat-winners for their families, but our research shows that is not true. The more laughter a predator enjoys, the better they hunt, period.”

Lucy the Lioness, one of the subjects of the long-term study, shared her experiences, “It’s been really good fun, and actually I got the feeling even just from the study of me and my pride that laughter was key. My father was hilarious, and he was head of the pride for ages. Then when the new Male came along, he focused more on his mane than his mirth. Suffice to say he didn’t last long and a much younger, more handsome and humorous male soon took his place and has been with us ever since.”

The study has already created waves on social media and led to behaviour changes among animals seeking to become Alpha males, with more and more of them deleting their gym videos from their profiles and uploading funny videos instead.

It would seem he who laughs last, leads longest…


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