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Lions Launch Campaign to Rename Pilates as Lilates

Members of the Legal Independent Organisation of Nomenclature (LION) have today released a press statement calling on all animals to support their campaign to rename Pilates as ‘Lilates’ in recognition of the role of lions in developing the exercise techniques.

The leader of the group, Leyla the Lioness, told us, “Joseph Pilates developed his exercise regime from watching the positions lions held in cages in circuses; Pilates is basically lion exercise for humans. We just want our role credited, that’s why we are calling today for this small, but profoundly meaningful, name change.”

Two lions discussing their morning Pilates exercises

Lions everywhere are organising protest marches on the 9th December, Joseph Pilates’ date of birth, and they have put out a call to other animals to join them.

A press statement from LION states, “We are asking all animals, especially the zebras and wildebeest that are migrating in great numbers already, to join us in protest this December. Together we can overturn this great injustice and reclaim our exercise routine. Lilates forever!”

Some animals raised concerns about going on a march with lions, but the march organising committee have provided assurance that a ceasefire will exist on the day so that no animal that attends the march will be eaten.


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