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Man Soils Himself in Lion Enclosure at Zoo

Pictures emerged recently on social media of a man who had ‘let himself down’ while visiting the lion enclosure at his local zoo.

The zoo has now confirmed the incident and Kathy Smith, Head of Operations at the zoo, told us, “There was an unfortunate incident with one of our visitors, who entered the lion enclosure with a burger in his hand and stood very close to the bars to get a selfie with a cub. The burger’s aroma attracted our male lion, Caesar, who rushed in and roared right in the visitor’s ear.

“It appears the shock of the incident led the man to soil himself.”

Another zookeeper, who wished to remain nameless, said that, “The man was shaking for a while after. We sat him on a towel in the office and gave him a cup of tea to help him recover, then we let him have a shower and someone popped down to Marks and Spencer’s to get him some fresh underwear and a pair of trousers. He was very grateful to us all, but also very embarrassed, I’m not sure we’ll be seeing him again anytime soon.”

The zoo issued a press statement reminding the public to be follow the guidelines they set and remember that they are dealing with wild animals, not pets.

The moral of the story seems simple; don’t take a burger into a lion enclosure, and if you must, be sure to bring a change of underwear…


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