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New Hair Implants Launched for Leopards who want to Change their Spots

A revolutionary new hair implants treatment is finally giving leopards a chance to change their spots.

The company behind the innovation, New Hair New You Ltd (NHNY), issued a press release this week appealing to all animals who sought a makeover to get in touch with them, and offering all Leopards a 50% early cat discount.

Leopard Staring at Camera

NHNY's CEO told us, “So many animals see humans with all sorts of hairstyles on safari and want to copy them, but until now there was no way to do that. The saying that ‘a leopard can’t change its spots’ was true. But with our new technology, any species, anywhere in the world, can have the style they wish.”

Lisa the Leopard, one of NHNY’s first customers, explained why she had opted for the treatment, “It was half fashion, half necessity, to be honest. I wanted a new look anyway, my spots were a bit drab compared to the other cats I met at parties, but I’m also finding I have to hunt in new terrain as the climate changes, so my coat is not as good camouflage as it used to be. But with my new implants I can hunt better AND party better, it’s great!”

The new implants look set to be wildly popular and the company is already looking at how they can adapt their technology to help those species without fur to get a new style and a new camouflage, so watch this space!


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