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Sam the Sloth Launches New Mindfulness App

Sam the Sloth has launched a new mindfulness app encouraging all species around the world to slow down in what is becoming an ever-busier world.

The app, Live Slow Live Long, has received rave reviews from its beta-mode testing, with a whole host of species from Cheetahs to Sharks sharing stories about the benefits it has brought to their lives.

Sloth on a tree, Live Slow, Live Long.

Sam gave us an exclusive, hour-long interview, which we include in full below:

Us: Hi Sam, thanks for taking the time to speak with us.

Sam: [long pause] ... No problem. [Even longer pause] ... Happy to ... [longest pause of all] ... talk.

Us: What was the inspiration for the app?

Sam: [long pause] ... Seeing so many ... [pause] ... species living so fast ... [long pause] ..., I thought ... [exceptionally long pause] .., they need to slow down.

Us: Well, Sam, that’s our hour up, thanks so much for talking to us.

Sam: You’re ... [pause] ... welcome.

The app is free to download for a trial period, and then costs $9.99 per period after that (periods vary according to species average lifespans and will automatically be calculated based on your profile; Tortoises have the longest, Mayflies the shortest.)

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