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Zebra Philosophy Club Launched

A new zebra philosophy club has launched. The group meets beneath the lone Acacia tree every Wednesday evening to debate the big topics of the day, such as how grass is too sparse, how hooves should have grooves, and how to tame your mane.

The club’s motto is ‘where the big issues ARE black and white’, and every session is chaired by Professor Z. E. Bras, a ZSL and RGS fellow renowned for his deep-thinking.

Professor Bras told us, “It is a great joy to be able to engage in discussions with my fellow quad-peds, and I look forward to the rough and tumble of debate.

A cartoon of four Zebra discussing philosophy
The Zebra Philosophy Club

”We attended the club’s first session and debate quickly became so heated it was easy to forget we had met in the shade of a tree, as the age old question was raised, are zebras black with white stripes or white with black stripes?

Professor Bras did well to keep the situation under control, calming the neigh-sayers and getting members to agree to disagree on what is a highly controversial issue.

The second topic was far more relaxed, and members debated the question, “this house believes that lions who hunt zebra deserve a good kicking.” Although Professor Bras encouraged those present to play devil’s advocate, the answer ‘yes’ was voted for unanimously.


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